Meet Dale Kerns

Husband And Father

Dale Kerns is married to Nicole and they are the parents of two girls (Hailey and Sophia) along with Luke- their German Shepherd. They reside in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Dale is a Project Manager for an Electrical Contractor in Pennsylvania. His role is oversee and manage commercial and industrial construction projects to make sure they are both safe and profitable. 

Devoted Volunteer

Dale values volunteerism and is the a Co-founder of the former Little Angels Foundation. He tirelessly worked to fulfill the mission of helping children with life-threatening illnesses. Now Dale is a Board of Directors for the Goodwill of Delaware and Delaware County "helping people overcome barriers to self-sufficiently work".

Fighting for Pennsylvanians

Dale is the third of six boys, and grew up not having everything handed to him. The environment that made him who he is today, is what makes him the right person to represent Pennsylvania in Washington DC. Working since the age of 14 introduced a young Dale Kerns to Liberty, Principles, and Work Ethic. 

Leadership We Need

Former Councilman

Dale served as an appointed councilman to fill a vacancy. Here he takes the oath of office in 2013. Kerns promises to always abide by the oath to protect and defend the constitution. Dale donated his stipend back to the Borough (50% to the recreation and 

50% to the fire department). 

Co-founder of the former Little Angels Foundation

Dale Kerns and his two brothers founded the Little Angels Foundation. A charity that for 5 years raised money and awareness for children with illnesses like Childhood cancer. They held numerous events like a shopping spree, comedy shows, concert events and greeting card drives. Through the short time in operation the foundation was able to help many children and families with life threatening illnesses. 

Dale Kerns Volunteer

As a former business owner and councilman Dale Kerns volunteered for communities, recreation departments, and area fire and police departments. Also for the Chester County SPCA and Justice Rescue to restore power to a barn to be used to train animals that needed a home. Throughout his career and life, Dale has volunteered and promoted philanthropy, which is a key motivator in the Libertarian philosophy.